The Brief: The #HouseofWorth in Quarantine meme depicts six different 19th century-style women in House of Worth couture and their quarantine routine.


Twitter users are identifying themselves as one of six women in the #HouseOfWorth in Quarantine meme. On April 20, Natania Barron created a 19th century-style meme, describing six women and how they were surviving stay-at home orders. Each woman, while dressed to impress in haute couture, has her own quirky traits and funny pitfalls. #HouseOfWorth, as well as the names of popular House of Worth characters, began trending on April 23 as users tweeted the lady they identified with the most. The trend is reminiscent to the quarantine house memes that went viral in early April.

The House of Worth meme is partially inspired by the actual House of Worth, a French fashion house that specialized in haute couture in the 1800s. It was founded by Charles Frederick Worth in 1858. Barron also states being inspired by author Lauren Scribe when creating the #HouseofWorth meme. The meme became popular with users tweeting their favorite character.

#Clarissa who keeps absinthe in her glass, sings to birds in her window, has a jolly time, though she deals with existential dread was trending on April 23.

#Maude is another popular character and began trending on April 23, too. She is known for hiding knives in her corset, owning a big dog that might be a wolf, being a Jack London fan girl, and the fact that she ran out of wine last week.

The character #Euphronia went viral as well.

Many other Twitter users,ย  identified themselves as a mix of the different women.