The Brief: Arguably, Friday is the most favored day of the week and Twitter users have created multiple Friday hashtags to celebrate the weekend approaching.


There are five hashtags that tend to trend on Twitter every Friday. Today’s points on social media are directed primarily towards the novel Coronavirus and how the disease has impacted the traditional five-day workweek.

Many social media users on Twitter usually share their thoughts on how the weekend is approaching while Friday is in full effect. #FridayFeeling relates to this weekly excitement and even though Twitter users have felt the vast impact of the Coronavirus, people are currently attempting to shed light on the liberating feeling of the weekend almost being here. Others are just expressing their random opinions of the day.

Every Friday, Twitter users share their #FridayThoughts on the social media platform which range from personal commentary involving politics, social criticism, or general words of wisdom.

Just like #FridayThoughts, #FridayMotivation is a weekly hashtag Twitter users Tweet with in order to share their supportive perspectives, uplifting remarks, and motivating commentary on their personal livelihoods and the current global climate.

#FridayVibes is another hashtag social media users take advantage of to share their Friday happenings, excitement, and opinions.