The Brief: #CashAppInBio is a trending hashtag on Twitter that has caught the attention of many users because of the fact that generous people are allegedly transferring over great sums of money through Cash App with no catch.


The current global climate has put insurmountable pressure on everyone and financial stress has become a daily obstacle for many of us because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Now, many people are searching for new ways to make income outside of their professional careers. Digital platforms like Postmates and Only Fans are being heavily used amongst millennials and Gen Zers for some sense of financial comfort.

#CashAppInBio shares a similar purpose for people who are desperately seeking financial stability. On Twitter, Cash App posted the hashtag on their official Twitter account and people started dropping their Cash App accounts left and right. With skepticism, Twitter users are still participating in the hashtag with the hope of themselves receiving a hefty deposit in their bank accounts.

#CashAppInBio went viral on Twitter and people who are much more well-off are Tweeting requests for people to drop their Cash App accounts below their posts to transfer funds into random people’s bank accounts. Many people still think these financial opportunities are not real. While others are seizing the opportunity to feel more stable throughout these difficult times that have taken many people’s jobs away from them.

Some lucky people have actually received a good amount of money from the hashtag which has caused many people to feel obliged to participate even more so.

Like every random opportunity for people to earn a large amount of money for no reason, there will always be a great deal of skeptics. Many Twitter users still think of the hashtag as a scam even though many have Tweeted about themselves receiving money transfers into their accounts. So, maybe you should try and follow suit and see if you will end up with some extra cash in your bank account!