The Brief: Clubhouse is an audio-based, invite-only chat app.


What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-only social networking app. Users are able to drop-in on ongoing conversations. The application was founded by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth.

The application is currently in beta and users gain access by invite-only. Others can join a waitlist.

Clubhouse was initially used by venture capitalists and techies to converse with one another. Celebrities have also been spotted on the app, including Oprah, Ashton Kutcher, and Chris Rock, according to the Wall Street Journal. Celebrities currently on the app include Jared Leto, Kevin hart, and Meek Mill.

As of recent, the app has seen more users from varying industries, including fashion, music, journalism, and other creative fields.

The app is intended to connect users with friends and interesting people across the world.

How It Works?

The app is free and at the time of publication does not require any in-app purchases. Users are able to sign-up once they are offered an invite by another member.

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Apple/Store Clubhouse

Users are identified by a  handle and a profile picture. Their profile allows for bio and connection to both their Twitter and Instagram accounts. The app allows users to create their own rooms to speak to one another. These rooms are shared by moderators and speakers who are on the virtual “stage.” Underneath them are listeners who are followed by the speakers, and under them, “others in the room.”

Users are able to create a room or conversation on the spot, as well as schedule a conversation to happen in the future. It appears on a calendar.

Clubhouse vs. Other Social Networks

The app is probably most closely related to Twitter. Users can get to know one another through conversing with one another. At the time of publication, Clubhouse does not allow for direct messaging of any kind, but users can connect their Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Safety & Privacy

The conversations are audio-only and once they are done, they disappear forever — reportedly. As with any online communications platform, users should be wary of what they say online. The app is created for people over the age of 17.

Th app caught flack in early October 2020, after it was reported some users held Anti-Semitic conversations, per Bloomberg. At the time of publication, users are able to block other users and report an incident.


The app has been rated 4.9 out of 5 stars by its current user base with Apple devices and 3.8/5 by those on Android devices.