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Let StayHipp’s comprehensive slang guide help you navigate and decode the latest pop culture, internet, and teen slang terms. From weird flex but ok to uwu, understanding the words and phrases casually dropped into everyday conversation are not always straightforward and can often be difficult.

The English language is not a fixed entity.

Rather, contemporary slang terms and abbreviations, continue to form, grow, and change, thus shaping modern English. New technology is accelerating these changes in a variety of directions. The internet is responsible for fostering new genres of culture and communication, along with which come new words to describe them. Some terms that are considered “slang” have been around for decades, while others pop up with the latest trends. Some of these terms are specific to English speakers, while others carry to multiple languages.

Young people: millennials and Gen Z-ers are often at the forefront of linguistic changes. By documenting and categorizing hundreds of slang terms, abbreviations, euphemisms, and meme phrases, StayHipp has created a comprehensive guide to modern slang. This slang dictionary includes new and relevant terms related to texting, social media, the internet, dating, romance, fashion, luxury, wealth, violence, drugs, drinking, and everything else.

Texting Acronyms And Abbreviations

The rise of instant messaging and texting has led to the development of a modern day shorthand, allowing people to communicate quickly and succinctly. Although it is easier to type full words with smartphones than it was with flip phones, abbreviations and acronyms remain common in short text interactions. These terms are meant to make texting more simple but for those not fluent in texting lingo, they can slow things down and complicate them.

Some short text abbreviations are merely shorter versions of a common expression. Others are more internet and texting specific, as they are deeply embedded in that culture. This works the other way around as well as some texting abbreviations are later integrated into speech conversations.

Internet Terms

Internet-specific terms may arise from various forums, trends, memes, games, social media platforms, or social moments. As the internet and social media change how we communicate generally, they are also shaping what language we use with each other: both online and off. 

Keeping up is exhausting

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Sex, Dating, and Relationships

Romantic and sexual relationships are being influenced by dating apps, texting, and social media. With the combination of these technological and social components, comes an updated vocabulary for referring to love, sex, and dating. This includes abbreviations, euphemisms, and ways to describe the new forms of interaction stemming from hookup culture.

Note: some of these terms are sexually explicit and NSFW.

For more information, check out our guide to dating slang!

Drugs And Drinking

Words used to describe the consumption of drugs and alcohol are usually intended to keep conversations about them on-the-low so that people who are in-the-know can understand while authorities remain in the dark. Although many words may have started out as obscure code-words, once they become well-known, new words will arise to keep such activities covert. Of course, people discussing drugs and alcohol don’t always wish to remain entirely under-the-radar. For example, many songs directly reference drinking or drug use to describe an experience and/or to brag about one’s party lifestyle.  

In addition to the ever-changing nomenclature surrounding illicit substances, the drugs that people consume and how they consume them are changing as well. While you may have heard of terms like weed, spliff, or magic mushrooms, here is a breakdown of some contemporary slang that you may not be familiar withFor more information, check out our drug slang guide! 

Fashion, Luxury, and Wealth

There are many ways to refer to luxury and designer items. Nicknames for these luxury goods can emphasize that someone is in-the-know when it comes to the most exclusive brand-name products and that they are wealthy enough to afford them.

Misc Slang

Slang terms, whether they are prominent or more niche, are constantly evolving in how they are used. Slang often originates from a specific culture or subculture. For example, a term may come from African American Vernacular English (AAVE), ball culture, meme communities, or another source. Then, it may or may not spread to a wider audience and user-base beyond where it originated from. Social media changes how words can circulate and develop. Here is a list of terms that come from and are used in different contexts, with levels of nuance and various potential usages.

Flex 💪

The flexing emoji, or the flexed bicep emoji represents strength. It can also be used in reference to the term flexin’, which means showing off.

Keeping up is exhausting.

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