The Brief: The phrases "you love to see it" and "you hate to see it" are currently popular online.


The face-value meanings of “you love to see it” and “hate to you see it” are straightforward. They’re responses that can be used to something good or bad: either something that you “love” to see or “hate to see.” These terms are rising in popularity on Twitter as ways to react to something while referencing the phrases as memes.

These phrases are frequently used in reference to sports, often by announcers and commentators. They’ve also been used in gaming communities. The phrases rose to popularity recently on Black Twitter when people used them to live-tweet the final season of Game of Thrones.

The New York Times called “you love/hate to see it” the “phrase of the summer.” In an article titled “You Love to ‘Hate to See It,” Caity Weaver notes that the phrase is often used with some amount of irony. It’s a sort of inside joke for those who are in-the-know, but still will make general sense to someone who is not. Weaver notes that in regards to ‘you hate to see it,’ “the genius of its rudeness is its politeness; it conveys simultaneously that something is both unfortunate and not the speaker’s problem.”

You Love To See It

You Hate To See It