The Brief: Yeet and its variations is a multi-use slang term, a dance move, and a meme.


What Does Yeet Mean?

Yeet, yeeted, yeet on, and yote are ubiquitous slang terms that express excitement. Yeet and its variations can be used as nouns, exclamations, or verbs. According to Urban Dictionary, yeet is somewhat like a war call: “the word has a distinct feel, and power to it. To yeet is to give your full power and soul to an action you’re doing.”

Some may be familiar with the phrase “ya yeet,” a common exclamation used online and a catchphrase adopted by Logan Paul.

Dance Move

A dance move called the “yeet” involves swinging one’s hips and making a dipping motion with both arms. Popularized by internet personality MarQuis Trill, the move is typically performed while someone exclaims “yeet” or “ya yeet.” The yeet dance move is featured in many Vines and is now a Fortnite emote called the “dip.”


Yeet is a meme in and of itself, which has inspired visual memes and image macros. In one recurring meme, a word that sounds a bit like Yeet is transformed into “Yeet,” and an image of that thing is photoshopped with the laughing crying emoji. Additionally, a Vine of a boy named “Lil Meatball” performing the dance move went viral and inspired a number of photoshopped meme variations.