The Brief: Amid coronavirus, many social media users are using their #MondayMotivation as a form of positivity to combat the lack of productivity that may come with quarantining.


In the wake of a national quarantine, many Twitter users are making #MondayMotivation trend on the platform in order to inspire each other to do more while they remain isolated indoors.

In times of mandated isolation, social media users are more active than ever which is turning out to start an interesting chain of communication throughout Twitter and Instagram. As many people reach out to each other to spread messages of joy and enlightenment while everyone is facing similar circumstances until the coronavirus is controlled in the United States. Others are creating a wider sense of paranoia because social media has become a diary for people to express their intense levels of fear in wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Although Twitter is becoming an open-ended canvas for social media users to convey their frustrations or lack thereof, there is power in using social media as a tool for optimism. Today, many took it upon themselves to communicate their motivating messages online in order to salvage a somewhat positive outlook on a dire national situation.

#MondayMotivation Examples that will leave a smile on your face: