The Brief: "Target Jennifer" is the name given to a woman who uses a wheelchair who was recorded stabbing people outside of a Target in Minneapolis before she was sprayed with a fire extinguisher.


Target Jennifer is the nickname given to a woman at the center of a viral internet moment. She was involved in altercations outside a Target during protests and lootings in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd. Conflicting reports and a lack of official information make it unclear who exactly this woman was and what role she played in stabbing people outside of a Target before she herself was attacked.

What is clear is that Target Jennifer was a hot topic on social media after videos were posted in which she is seen brandishing a knife before she was sprayed with a fire extinguisher and hit by several people. While this woman was seen using a wheelchair and many people assumed she was elderly, rumors circulated online that she was only 30-years-old, and that she was “faking” a disability. Footage of her getting out of her wheelchair and walking was posted online, but it should be noted that many people who use wheelchairs use them part-time.

Some tweets, including those posted by conservative reporter Andy Ngô stated that the woman was attacked after peacefully trying to stop looting, but other posts, including ones where people shouting “she’s got a knife” indicate that she was acting violently. The fact that she, a white woman, appeared to be attacking mostly black people was widely cited as evidence that her violence was racially motivated.

Hashtags including #Shes30, #SHECANWALK, and #Jennifer started trending on Twitter after these videos went viral. In the midst of these hotly contested videos, many memes popped up, many of which made fun of Target Jennifer for her actions.

It’s possible that like, Karen, Kevin, or Kyle, the name “Jennifer” or “Target Jennifer” will be applied to people exhibiting similar behavior in the future.