The Brief: FN Meka is an animated avatar advertised as an "A.I. robot rapper."


Although the character FN Meka is labeled on social media as a “Robot Rapper not Accepted by this 🌎,” he actually appears to be an avatar and persona created and curated by humans. As the lines between humans and computers are increasingly blurry, especially on social media, FN Meka’s internet presence rides on this ambiguity, setting him apart from human rappers and influencers.

In 2019, FN Meka released two tracks on Soundcloud: “Internet” and “Moonwalkin.” His musical style and genre align with Soundcloud rap and mumble rap. Meka shares characteristics with other computer-generated and animated musicians like Lil Miquela and Gorillaz.

At the time of writing, FN Meka has 150,000 Instagram followers and 672,800 TikTok followers.

His (animated) Gucci Cybertruck:

@fnmekaJust copped an all Gucci Tesla Cybertruck. 🚘 Like it? #cybertruck #teslacar #futuristic #truckhorn♬ Moonwalkin FnMeka – fnmeka

A collab with Charli Damelio:

@fnmekaWho paid who to do this vid? 🤔charlidamelio #charli #charlidamelio #droid♬ Suicidal – YNW Melly

FN Meka’s main aesthetics are extravagant and showy Hypbeast style. As his designer items appear to be animated, he can flex the illusion of near-infinite wealth.  He has the appearance of a cyborg with green hair, green eyes, many tattoos, and a golden metal hand.