The Brief: #IsOverParty on Twitter is an online hashtag that exposes celebrities for their problematic behaviour.


Many celebrities have been inaugurated into Twitter’s online “party” that exposes pop culture icons for their mischievous or discriminatory behavior. The hashtag is informally used to cancel celebrities for their problematic behavior. It’s popular on Stan Twitter where rival standoms will try to cancel each other’s favorite stars.

The most recent participant of the ‘Is Over Party’ hashtag was Doja Cat for her insensitive remarks against Black people that occurred on Tinychat which resulted in the Twitter trending, #DojaCatIsOverParty.

Before Doja Cat was Lana Del Rey, who posted on Instagram that her Black female counterparts were succeeding in the music industry for their sex appeal and vulgar artistry, causing the popular #LanaDelReyIsOverParty. The hashtag surged again on Twitter because Lana Del Rey posted a minute-long video of protestors looting retail stores that received backlash for revealing these people’s identities. These hashtags are intentional, they are supposed to provide a spotlight on an influential figure’s poor actions or involvements in an appalling situation.

Sometimes this hashtag can be satirical, Twitter users have paired this hashtag with various celebrity’s morally-correct actions as well. Usually, these ironic tweets describe how unproblematic these good-hearted superstars are in an attempt to spread positivity through making another hashtag popular.