The Brief: The hashtag #YourSlipIsShowing is intended to call out trolls who are posing as activists.


Black feminist Shafiqah Hudson (@sassycrass) started the hashtag #YourSlipIsShowing in 2014 as a way to expose the far-right trolls who were posing as Black women to spread the fabricated hashtag #EndFathersDay. The phrase refers to someone’s slip showing from under their dress, revealing something that they’re trying to conceal, in this case, that they’re fake accounts aimed to make so-called SJW’s look bad.Β  The hashtag is used to expose trolls and imitators so that someone can search a handle and #YourSlipIsShowing to see if they’ve been called out before.Β 

Along with Shafiquah Hudson, writer I’Nasah Crockett (@so_treu), and other activists used the hashtag to post screenshots of 4chan trolls’ orchestrated efforts of planning to create these fake accounts to defame and harass Black feminist activists.

The hashtag continues to be used in the present day by people online who use their knowledge of Twitter, online activism, and trolling to unmask people posing as Black women to stir up trouble.Β