The Brief: #XYZCBA is a variation of #XYZBCA, a popular TikTok hashtag that's typically used in the hopes that it will trick the algorithm into promoting a video.


#XYZCBA is a hashtag made up of the first and last three letters of the alphabet with ambiguous origins and purposes. Videos associated with the hashtag #XYZCBA have been viewed over 55 billion times on TikTok and ones tagged with #XYZBCA have been viewed over 218 billion times.

These hashtags are commonly used on TikTok as a way to potentially boost engagement on a video. TikTokers use these hashtags because of rumors that the app’s mysterious algorithm will prioritize videos that have been tagged with #XYZCBA. Although this hashtag is seemingly random, it may be an effective way to boost video spread because of how many people have used it, causing it to be a popular and trending tag. Similarly, TikTokers often add the hashtags #FYP and #ForYouPage as an attempt to boost a video’s viability to the app’s algorithm. There is much debate as to whether or not these hashtags actually have any effect on how TikTok promotes videos.


Don’t be shy, put some more @jamescharles #xyzcba #fyp

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I’m in over my head lmao #plantparent #FYP #chaoticpets #differentbreed #BestThingSince #xyzcba

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