The Brief: Refers to the frantic state of mind someone might experience when high on meth. "Tweaking" can also be used as a slang term to reference someone's erratic or "crazy" behavior.


Tweaking refers to the frantic and compulsive behaviour someone might experience when high on methamphetamines (meth or crank). Though the effects are different, tweaking is to meth as tripping is to shrooms.

People often use tweaking as slang to explain the reason they might make mistakes. If someone were to do something wrong or make a basic error, they might explain it with, “I guess I’m on drugs” or “I must be tweaking”.

One might also use “tweaking” to point out if somebody (or something, like Instagram) is “freaking out” or not working.

In this case, one could also call the person freaking out, a “tweaker”.