The Brief: "The cuck zone" is a bar featured in a satirical illustration titled "The Campus Seen Through The Eyes of US Conservatives."


On May 11, 2020, the phrase “the cuck zone” started trending on Twitter as an illustration by Chelsea Saunders called “The Campus Seen Through The Eyes of US Conservatives” went viral. The drawing satirically depicts how U.S. conservatives view college campuses as places where liberal ideals, virtue signaling, and SJW beliefs run rampant. This imagined campus includes an “oppression Olympics,” a “free weed” booth, a “college of grievance studies,” a “white tears live stream,” and a bar called “The Cuck Zone.”

This illustration inspired many memes and reactions, but the phrase “The Cuck Zone,” was a fan favorite. Some memes about it referred directly to the comic while others showcased what such a zone might look like.