The Brief: A combination of the words simp and September, Simptember is a month-long period dedicated to the art of simping: chasing after crushes and unrequited love.


Also known as “Simp September,” Simptember is an internet-based event where people embrace simping for an entire month. According to an Urban Dictionary entry by simp2020, “Simptember is an annual month-long observance month in September designed to appreciate simps for protecting women and honor them for continuing their hard work despite all the bullying.”

Since Fall and Winter are known as “cuffing season,” people may spend Simptember trying to get boo’d up for the cold months ahead.

No Simp September is an event with the opposite goal as it challenges people to avoid simping for the entire month. As September 2020 begins, YouTubers and meme-makers are debating the merits of Simptember vs. no Simp September.