The Brief: Signal boosting is when a social media user shares an online petition or issue on their platform to raise awareness on a newsworthy event or controversial happening.


In the wake of #BlackLivesMatter protests that are occurring all over the United States, signal boosting has become a way for millennials and Gen Z-ers to spread information that contributes to a greater social cause. Petitions, local protests, and political rallies are various events that have taken on a new meaning in the digital world where myriads of Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter users are sharing their thoughts and documenting their attendance at national protests.

Influencers, celebrities, and political officials have played a role in updating their followers about the racial injustices that continue to occur in the United States including issues of police brutality. Signal boosting has proven to be yet another important mechanism for tech-savvy Americans to use for the greater good of their local communities.

Trolls use signal boosting as a way to spread misinformation about certain events too which is more popular on platforms like Twitter.

Signal Boosting In Action

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I AM UPSET I received a video this morning of my hair stylist being kicked off her flight because she was accused of having an “ATTITUDE”. She was asked to put her bag under the seat by a flight attendant. She responded “I flew here like this”, as she continued to put her bag down. He then accuses her of having an “attitude” and calls security. Another attendant (the woman with the vest) comes to escort her off where the POLICE are waiting for her at the plane door. I have been a customer of @southwestair since I was a child and am very disappointed with the privilege that was used to kick her off. After a 13hr shoot, having to experience this, then having to wait another 5hrs for another flight is UNACCEPTABLE !!!!!! I’m so sorry you had to experience this @beautyizacraft

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REPOST : @nikkinelms : ❔❔❔

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