The Brief: Sextortion is a cybercrime that involves threatening to share sexually explicit photos or information.


The term sextortion refers to extortion involving threats to share someone else’s sexually explicit or suggestive images, messages, videos, or other content. Sextortion often takes place online as the anonymity of social platforms can allow predators to solicit sexual content under false pretenses or via coercion.

In some cases, predators use threats of sharing sexual and private content to collect more photos and videos from someone. In other cases, sextortion can be used for financial gain, often threatening to share nudes unless someone sends money via cryptocurrency. People of all ages can be victims of this crime including children.Β  Some predators may meet their targets through online platforms while others may know the victims IRL.

In addition to general safety and privacy practices, specific measures can be taken to help protect children against online predators.

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