The Brief: The hashtag #Sex2 references a meme about a made-up movie or video game titled "Sex 2."


“Sex 2” memes come from a joke that “sex is great, but Sex 2 will be better,” implying that “Sex” is the title of a movie or video game and that its sequel will be better than the original. Variations of memes about “Sex 2” often feature an imagined exchange between Ben Shapiro and the Angry Birds character Chuck. This meme appears to have originated and spread primarily on Twitter.

Since a popular meme about this premise suggested that the movie would come out on March 22, 2021 (delayed because of COVID-19), the hashtag #Sex2 was trending on Twitter on that day.

It’s possible that the release date has been delayed even further…

Memes on this topic act as a widespread inside joke for people who are extremely online. They take a variety of forms with additions to the Ben Shapiro/Chuck lore, reviews of the movie/video game, and more.