The Brief: Reddit AITA is a subreddit where people share their issues with others. Readers determine if that individual or another party is to blame for causing a problem.


Reddit AITA is an abbreviation for the subreddit r/AmItheAsshole “Am I The A**hole?”

The subreddit was created on Jun 8, 2013 and currently consists of over 2.6 million members, also known as potential a**holes. At the time of publication of this article, there were over 42,400 people online, or “people judging” as described by the group.

In this online forum, users share their problems to be judged by others who determine whether they were in the wrong or not, aka, “the a**hole.” Part of the draw to this forum is reading the types of issues that occur in other people’s lives. Readersย  have the potential to read everything from the most mundane to bizarre disputes. People typically leave comments about whether or not someone is TA (the a**hole) or NTA (not the a**hole).

The subreddit became so popular Twitter account @AITA_reddit in May 2019 to share these posts with more people.