The Brief: OnlyFans is a paid subscription-based site where creators share adult content.


OnlyFans is a website that allows creators to upload content for audiences who pay a subscription fee. The main usage of this website is the sharing of NSFW images, sexually suggestive content, and pornography. Subscribers typically pay between $5 and $20 a month to see a creator’s content and can pay more for additional, sometimes customizable content. The site contains a wide range of content from creators of various genders and sexual orientations. Models and influencers with OnlyFans accounts often use other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to promote their subscription-only pages.

Unlike traditional online pornography, OnlyFans can provide a more intimate, personalized version of digital sex work. Not all of the site’s content is strictly NSFW. Many content creators make personal connections with viewers, building devoted fanbases who pay for a range of content and experiences. Hosting live streams on OnlyFans is typically considered to be “camming,” a name for livestream-based sex work performed by camgirls or camboys.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, sex workers who usually work with in-person clients and people who recently lost their jobs have been signing up to be OnlyFans creators in the hope of finding a source of online income. The website gives 80% of earnings directly to creators and retains 20%.