The Brief: #OneDayHH is an Instagram challenge to document every hour of a single day.



The hashtag #OneDayHH is a prompt to document something from every hour of a day. Created by Laura Tremaine, also known as the “Hollywood Housewife,” this event takes place in November and has been an internet tradition since 2013. In 2019, it took place on November 15.

#OneDayHH invites participants to document the mundane and exciting parts of their days, allowing them to show more than what can be found in the average polished social media feed.

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#OneDayHH 12:30pm // Normally I go to #Pilates later in the day, but it’s my beautiful teacher @kerriqueenofmovement’s birthday today so we bumped to noon. Pilates changed my whole life. I’ve spoken and written about this ad naseum over the years, but it’s worth repeating: after babies and grief and regular life, I was so disconnected from my body (and I didn’t even really know it). I was physically weak and had a range of minor ailments that bugged me every day. I hate cardio and most traditional exercise, but a friend told me to go try her pilates studio and for some unnatural reason, I picked up the phone. Four+ years later and I’m a total convert. It’s hard and it’s good and I credit this practice with putting me back in touch with myself and started a path towards openness in so many areas of my life.

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7:15 a.m. Good morning. Last night on my way in to bed at 11:00 I passed by this scene, shrugged, and kept going. I had an epiphany that I keep having and then forgetting – "I have a job." I've spent my days scrambling to get work done while kids are in school. Then doing all of the other mom and neighbor things. Most of the time, once kids are in bed, I choose relaxing over more work. This is what keeps me sane. I'm not sure when these dishes will be washed and I'm not worried about it. If you stop by unexpectedly today, I doubt you'll care, either. I'm doing my first #onedayhh with @laura.tremaine where we document our ordinary. I'll be posting lots (here and in Stories,) so hold on to your britches. And join me!

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