The Brief: On TikT0k, the phrase "my yellow" refers to a best friend or s0ul mate.


TikTokers are using the phrase “my yellow” to refer to the “love of their lives” be it a romantic partner, family member, pet, friend, etc. The #Yellow trend, which started in late October 2020 consists of slideshows of pictures and videos of their “yellow.” These videos are set to a remix of the song “Yellow” by Coldplay. At the time of writing, videos associated with the #Yellow trend have been viewed over 1.9 billion times on TikTok and over 72,000 videos that use the sound have been uploaded.

The use of the term “my yellow” for someone you love is currently specific to TikTok and seems to reference the song “Yellow,” which includes lyrics about unrequited love. The lyrics included in the videos go:

“And it was all yellow

(Aah) Your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones

(Ooh) Turn into something beautiful

(Aah) You know, you know I love you so”

Some videos in the #Yellow trend show creators lamenting that their “yellow” doesn’t’ love them back or isn’t with them anymore. On October 26th, the trend was featured on the TikTok Discover page.


the 13 year age gap got nothin on us sissy 🥺 #sisters #sad #yellow #relatable #family #teen #ColorCustomizer #greenscreen

♬ Coldplay – Yellow – ev

her smile is my favorite

♬ original sound – ev


she saved me

♬ original sound – ev


my sister has saved my life countless times and she doesn’t even know it❤️

♬ original sound – ev

he is. #4you #ThatWitch #tiktok #foryou #hurt

♬ original sound – ev