The Brief: #Momtifa is another name for the Wall of Moms: a group of mothers who have assembled to protect protesters in Portland against police and federal agents.


A combination of “mom” and “antifa,” momtifa is a name given to a group of mothers who have participated in Portland protests against racism and police violence. Also known as the “Wall Of Moms,” these moms have assembled to form a barrier to protect protestors from police and federal agents who have used tear gas, flashbangs, and “less-than-lethal” munitions on protestors.

The name “momtifa” is a nod to Antifa, a name for anti-fascists who President Trump has characterized as violent extremists and terrorists. Momtifa directly opposes this narrative as a group of mothers locking arms, wearing white, and chanting “moms are here, feds stay clear” are difficult to portray as violent agitators. On Sunday night, the federal officers used flash bangs and tear gas to disperse crowds including the Wall Of Moms.