The Brief: Lean is a drug concoction made of codeine cough syrup, soda (Sprite), and hard candy (Jolly Ranchers).


Lean is also known as Barre, purple drank, purp, sizzurp, purple stuff, or dirty Sprite. It is classically served a styrofoam or paper cup. Dirty Fanta is lean made with Fanta instead of Sprite.

The drink is a powerful narcotic mixture that typically makes users sleepy and high. As it is a drug, Lean has serious side effects and is addictive. Lean is especially dangerous when mixed with alcohol and other drugs. It has contributed to celebrity deaths including the death of A$AP Yams, a founder of A$AP Mob.

Lean and nicknames for it are often referenced in popular rap and R&B songs such as “Stargazing” by Travis Scott and “Gucci Gang” by Lil Pump.

Sippin’ on purp, feelin’ like the Barre Baby
Whenever I’m down, it got me goin’ crazy  -Travis Scott


My lean cost more than your rent – Lil Pump