The Brief: Karencore is a (usually ironic) appreciation of aesthetics associated with the Karen stereotype.


In a similar vein to Cottagecore, Karencore focuses on the aesthetics of Karen, which is shorthand for a middle-class white soccer mom who’s always asking to “speak to the manager.”

Elements of Karencore may include minivans, rhinestones, “Live Laugh Love” posters, a Kate Gosselin circa 2008 haircut, and other objects that could be considered tacky. According to a Fandom Wiki page dedicated to the subject, the aesthetic features fashion and makeup ” inspired by the early-mid 2010s.”

Depictions of and remarks about Karencore typically make fun of the style and the Karen stereotype by ironically pretending it is fashionable. The term can also be meant as an insult, to either call someone a Karen or to suggest that their style is Karen-like. That being said, there’s a market for everything, and some non-Karens may be interested in adopting the oh-so-classy Karen aesthetic.


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