The Brief: Halloweekend is an extension of Halloween, which usually falls on the weekend that immediately precedes or includes the 31st.


Halloweekend, a combination of the words “Halloween” and “weekend” is known as such because it’s a common time for Halloween parties and festivities. Some may refer to Halloweekend as the weekend immediately after Halloween, but as celebrations tend to die down once the 31st has passed, it more commonly to the weekend prior. If Halloween falls on a weekend day, Halloweekend is that weekend.

Particularly dedicated partygoers may have multiple costumes for multiple parties and days of Halloweekend.

When Is Halloweekend 2019?

As Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, there has been some debate about whether Halloweekend falls on the previous weekend (October 25-27) or the following one (November 1-2). While there’s no official date for this informal holiday, there will surely be spoopy celebrations abound on both weekends and on the 31st itself.