The Brief: DeepTok, aka Deep TikTok, is a subgenre of Alt/Elite TikTok characterized by bizarre, dark themes and deep-fried visuals.


DeepTok, also known as Deep TikTok, is a subgenre of Alt/Elite TikTok, known for its bizarre, quirky, and weird videos.

Alt/Elite TikTok is the opposite of Straight TikTok, and hones in on weird, unsettling and strange videos. It is a departure from the traditional lip-syncing and choreographed routines on the app. Alt/Elite TikTokers pride themselves on being the “cool” side of TikTok and enjoy sharing videos that are weird and unsettling in nature. DeepTok takes this further, honing in on darker and more intense themes, like fly killings using a syringe, dancing frogs, and talking retail stores.

Typically Deep TikTok videos are distorted in some fashion, featuring monochromatic visuals or deep-fried graphics.

Essentially, DeepTok is a look into the core of Gen Z’s humor, explained writer Kristin Merrilees on Medium. “In a way, the creation and development of DeepTok sort of sums up the essence of Gen Z humor. It is purposefully meant to be lighthearted and surreal, often random and ‘quirky,’ and yet still nuanced and complex. Indeed, it is incredibly creative. It’s sort of like deep-fried memes if they came to life.”


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