The Brief: CGL or CG/L is an abbreviation for "caregiver/little," roleplay relationships related to age play and/or age regression.


The CGL, also stylized CG/L, community, which is largely based online, includes people who participate in either or both non-sexual age regression and sexual ageplay. Age regression CGL is often labeled as CGL/re to keep it separate from the BDSM and kink aspects of ageplay CGL.

CGL relationships can be SFW and platonic or NSFW, romantic, and sexual. They often involve a parent figure (daddy/mommy) and a little, who acts childlike. There is debate about the exact definitions of these terms, which can vary from person to person. CGL may or may not be considered a BDSM relationship, depending on whether or not a power exchange is involved.

CG/L communities exist on online forums including Tumblr and can be found on Instagram as well.