The Brief: Chet Hanks has named Summer 2021 a "Black queen summer." It is associated with his "white boy summer."


“Black queen summer” is a phrase coined by Chet Hanks, actor and son of Tom Hanks.

The phrase is based off of Megan Thee Stallion’s popular phrase “hot girl summer,” which is a movement that is about “women and men being unapologetically them just having a good-a** time, hyping up their friends, doing you and not giving a damn about what anyone else has got to say about it.”

Other variations include city girl summer, city boy summer, hot boy summer, christian girl autumn, and hot vaxx summer.

In a March 27 video, Hanks first declared this summer a “white boy summer.” He followed that video with another explaining how it will also be a “Black queen summer.” He goes on to note that  “Black queen summer” is something he actually celebrates all year round and in another video (yes, Hanks makes a lot of videos), he tells his male viewers they can’t be ivory kings without a Black queen.

He’s already made merch and hopes to see white boys rocking “Black Queen Summer” shirts and hoodies and Black women in “White Boy Summer” tees.