The Brief: An eGirl is a girl or woman who has an online persona. The term can be used as an insult, compliment, or descriptor.


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Up until recently, eGirl or e-girl was primarily used as a way to slut-shame women who have some kind of online presence. The term still carries the same connotation in some online forums and social media circles. However, it has largely been reappropriated to describe a style and trend popularized on TikTok.

The 2019 eGirl style and social media aesthetic usually includes heavy goth-inspired makeup and punk style clothing. An eGirl makeup signature is blush brushed on the nose and cheeks and hearts drawn below the eyes. 

There is no one way to determine who is or is not an e-girl. Rather, it is a term that can be self-assigned or imposed on someone as a label.

As an insult, an “eGirl,” is a stereotype of a girl or woman who plays video games and goes online solely for male attention. Varying definitions of the term suggest that an eGirl is a type of internet THOT who teasingly flirts with men, for online validation or clout. In this context, e-girl and gamer girl are often used synonymously. 

On TikTok, the hashtag #egirl has over half a billion views. On Instagram, over 500,000 posts have been labeled with either #egirl or #egirls.

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