The Brief: An "art hoe" on TikTok is an individual who enjoys creating and sharing art on their account. This includes painting, drawing, crafting, and sketching. The term originated among creatives of color.


“Art hoes” on TikTok are people who create art and enjoy sharing it on their TikTok. This includes painting, drawing, crafting, and sketching.

The art hoe aesthetic is marked by collared blouses, t-shirts, and chunky sweaters tucked into loose fitted denim, often worn with a belt. Bright colors, like yellow, are a mark of the aesthetic, as well as patterned clothing. Doc Martens, Converse, and Vans worn with socks depicting famous artwork are more staples of the trend. As for accessories, a Fjallraven Kanken backpack will do.


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The term art hoe was first coined by rapper Babeo, explained The Guardian in a August 2015 article. It was then adopted by people of color who used artistic expression as a means to combat cultural stereotyping, according to Dazed. The term was associated with the 2015 art hoe movement.

As the teen founder Mars explained, the term is meant to inspire young creators of color. It is also inclusive and intended to be positive. β€œUsually there is a myriad of stereotypes pertaining to POC. How black people can’t be delicate, how Latinx are no good but for cleaning and having a smart mouth…” Mars said. β€œNon binary people of color don’t really have a stable platform where they can prove and show what they’re capable of without being questioned about their identity.”

However, over the years, the term has become whitewashed, according to January 2020 Diggit Magazine report.

On TikTok, “art hoe” is used among many different creators and is inclusive, but a quick scan of the hashtag seems to indicate an overwhelmingly white user base.

The associated hashtag #ArtHoe has over 152 million views on TikTok.


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