The Brief: A micro generation born between 1993-1998 with traits similar to both Millennials and Gen Zers.


A Zillennnial is person born between 1993-1998 and graduated from high school between 2012-2016. They were born at the tail end of the Millennial generation and the beginning of the Zoomer generation, and are said to possess traits of both groups.

Zillennials grew up as technology moved from analog to digital, while Millennials and Gen Zers grew up with familiarity of only one type. They can also recall waiting at a Barnes & Noble as a kid for the release of Harry Potter books as well as the release of the first iPhone in 2007.

According to Urban Dictionary, this group is “too young to relate to the core of Millennials but too old to relate to the core of Generation Z. Zillennials were 2000’s kids and transitioned from teenagers to adults during the 2010’s.”