The Brief: "A Virgil" is a made-up unit of measurement for 50 of something. It references wealthy fashion designer Virgil Abloh's $5o donation to a bail fund for protestors.


Online, people are mocking Virgil Abloh for making a $50 donation to a bail fund by using the term “a Virgil” as a unit of measurement for 50 of something. This is in reference to a donation the Off-White and Louis Vuitton designer made to a bail fund for people protesting in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Abloh later clarified that this $50 was only one of the many donations he has made to anti-racist organizations and that this $50 donation was a part of a social media donation matching challenge.

This didn’t stop social media users from dragging Virgil for his low donation amount via memes and jokes. Abloh’s Wikipedia page was briefly changed to read “Virgil ‘Cheap Ass’ Abloh” and many people contrasted the high prices of the products he sells with his low donation. This culminated with the coining of a new term: “a Virgil” which can be used to subtly mock Abloh.

The phrase “Imma keep it 2 Virgils with you” has become a smug replacement for “Imma keep it 100 with you.”