The Brief: Toomers are a 4chan meme stereotype of a character with an inflated left side of their brain.


A Toomer is a 4chan archetype in the same vein as Zoomers, Coomers, Consoomers, and Goomers. In seveveral 4chan posts, Toomers are portrayed as people with an inflated left brain and almost nonexistent right brain.Β 

“Toomer” is a derivation of the word “tumor,” and may be used to mock people who are neurodivergent, have brain tumors, or have brain injuries. The Toomer meme can also be used to criticize someone with a different political perspective or worldview, suggesting that a brain abnormality is the reason for their views.

Illustrations associated with the term show a wojak character with the left side of his brain enlarged.