The Brief: An acronym for "That Ho Over There"


An abbreviation for “that ho over there,” THOT is a slur used to demean sexually active or promiscuous women for their behaviors. Also short for “thirsty hoes out there,” the term is similar to others such as ho or slut, which use suggestions of prostitution to degrade women. “Thotting” is the action of being a thot or of “hoeing.” A Thottie or Thotty is a THOT who acts innocent and “cute.”

F**kin’ on your b**ch, she a thot, thot (thot)
Cookin’ up dope in the crockpot (pot) – Migos, “Bad and Boujee”

THOT is a term often used in rap songs by Kanye West, Migos, Post Malone, and many others.

The term THOT has implicit race and class-based connotations regarding negative stereotypes of working-class women of color. 

Reclamation of the term has begun in some circles, as individuals are using it as a term of sexual empowerment rather than as an insult.

The differences between a ho and a THOT are nuanced, but the general consensus is that THOT is a more demeaning, specific term.

There is an Australian model named Duckie Thot, but Thot is her birth name, not a reference to the term.