The Brief: A "pick me girl" is a girl or woman who will do anything to get men to "pick" her.


A “pick me girl” is a stereotype of a girl or woman who puts obvious effort into seeking approval and attention from men. Variations of this stereotype depict “pick me’s” as “cool girls” who are mean to other women, overly flirtatious, and boy crazy. The term is similar to the “not like other girls” trope as it portrays women who go out of their way to distance themselves from other women in the hopes that men will find that attractive.

This phrase can be used as both a misogynistic insult and as a critique of the ways girls cater their personalities to gain male approval. Pick me girls are often said to have internalized misogyny as they’ll put down other women in order to appease men.  However, the term can also be used to suggest that a girl or woman is after male attention based on traits and behaviors that may have nothing to do with men, while leaning into other negative stereotypes that suggest she is a “bimbo” or a “slut.”

Videos about this type of girl are popular on TikTok where videos associated with the hashtag #PickMeGirl have been viewed over 25 million times.


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