The Brief: Nathan is a term used to describe somebody who only listens to lyrical or conscious hip-hop while denouncing mumble rap for its simplicity, vulgarity, and glorification of drug use.


Nathans are generally young white men who stan lyrical white rappers such as Eminem, Logic, and popular Christian rapper NF. The Nathan, an intellectual, condemns modern hip-hop, specifically mumble rap, for its lack of depth and superficial lyrics. The “derogatory rap” enjoyed by the mainstream listener is far beneath the Nathan’s “sophisticated music taste.” The term is thought to have originated on the subreddit r/hiphopcirclejerk, where it is widely used to make fun of those who look down on popular rap music.

A prime example of a Nathan’s music taste can be seen in this Reddit AMA with Ethan Lindenberger:

I’m terrified of vaccines from Hiphopcirclejerk

Nathans are known to say things like:

"The streets need a new Logic album ASAP!!" 😓😤 from Hiphopcirclejerk

Ben my slime and real Nathan 😤 from Hiphopcirclejerk

Nathans love to assert their musical superiority on casual listeners.

No title needed from RapMoreLikeCrap

Quick burns against 6ix9ine from MurderedByWords

Mumble rappers be like… from memes

When all they play is mumble rappers from AdviceAnimals

More memes making fun of Nathans:

Shoutout to real rappers from Hiphopcirclejerk

When you add Machine Gun Kelly to your ~vibes~ playlist on Spotify from Hiphopcirclejerk

Anthony Fantano, a popular YouTube music reviewer, is worshipped by Nathans across the globe, who treat his album ratings as gospel. Any music he rates highly is indisputably fire, while a low rating from Anthony indicates the album is garbage. Be very careful not to disagree with Nathans on the merit of an album, or you run the risk of being labeled a clown.

Y’all sum clowns from Hiphopcirclejerk

Writer’s note: A Nathan can best be understood as the son of a Karen and brother of a Kyle.