The Brief: A milkshake duck is a beloved celebrity who suddenly loses popularity after their misdeeds are made public.


The term originated from this tweet:

After that, people started using the term milkshake duck to characterize previously well-liked stars who quickly getΒ canceledΒ or milkshake ducked after news comes out of their past or present bad behavior. The scandals of milkshake ducks have involved sexual misconduct, racist comments, support for people who have been accused of such things, and more.

With the rapid spread of information via social media, unerasable aspects of the internet, and the rise of the #MeToo movement, many celebrities are getting milkshake ducked. This phenomenon shows a rise in the number of famous people who have been outed for their bad behavior, as well as the way people are setting higher standards for the public figures that they stan.