The Brief: "Glizzy" is a slang term for hot dog.


This term evolved from Washington DC slang from meaning “gun,” referring to a Glock, to mean “hot dog.” According to Know Your Meme, the term’s first known online usage in reference to hot dogs is in a 2016 YouTube video by Azel Prather.


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♬ original sound – homesick / caden

Urban Dictionary defines the term “glizzy gladiator” as “one who exemplifies the gobbling of glizzy to a gigantic degree.” A synonym for this is “glizzy gobbler.”


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♬ original sound – rockstar.bosa

An ESPN commentator even referred to hot dog eating champion Joey Chestnut as  “glizzy gladiator” at the 2020 Nathan’s 4th of July hot dog eating contest:

The term surged in popularity in June and July 2020, inspiring a TikTok trend where boys enthusiastically eat hot dogs. Other TikToks show people rating videos and photos celebrities and politicians guzzling hot dogs.


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♬ original sound – rockstar.bosa

There’s also a rapper named Shy Glizzy.