The Brief: Also known as the "homie handshake," the "G Lock handshake" is a casual greeting between two (usually male) friends who shake each other's hands as a sign of companionship.


Two good friends may use a “G Lock Handshake” to greet each other as an exchange of friendship. A regular handshake tends to have a professional association with it because it is a sophisticated way of introducing yourself to another person, however, a “G Lock Handshake” shows more of a type of camaraderie that one may find in a close or longterm friendship.

Although, this type of exchange is male-dominated there is also some crossover within all genders. This type of handshake originates from the Black community and has always been a symbol of pride and brotherhood between other members of the community but has been widely adopted by other groups of people. The hand gesture derives all the way back to the Vietnam War.