The Brief: The Doomer Girl, also known as Doomer Girlfriend or Doomerette, is the female counterpart to the Doomer Wojak cartoon meme character.


Doomer Girl is represented by a Wojak-style cartoon of a young woman with a black bob, paper white skin, rosy cheeks, a black shirt, a choker necklace, and an anxious expression on her face. This character is the female version of a Doomer – an “oomer” Wojak character known for his negative outlook on the world.

In memes, the Doomerette is sometimes characterized as a love interest or girlfriend to the male Doomer. In rage comic-style memes, they are often seen conversing. Sometimes Doomer Girl rejects the Doomer’s flirtation or sexual advances while at other times she is warmer and more accepting.

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While the male Doomer meme has been primarily shared on 4chan and Reddit, the Girl Doomer is popular on more mainstream platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Memes include mixed messages, depending on their context and the views of their creator. Some align with traditional Doomer sentiments, which often include misogyny, antisemitism, incel rhetoric, and alt-right perspectives. Others co-opt the Doomer meme to critique the harmful online communities from which it originated, making statements about toxic masculinity, harassment, and more.

Doomer Girl memes vary greatly in the messages they present. While many are making social or political statements about gender, sexuality, and society, others take the meme out of context to make jokes unrelated to the origin of the memes. These memes replicate and transform as they spread online, often allowing for many interpretations of a single meme.

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