The Brief: A consoomer is a materialistic person who mindlessly consumes the newest products from their favorite brands, is addicted to entertainment, and takes pride in showing off their mainstream leftist political views.


The term consoomer makes fun of individuals whose identities revolve around owning the newest technology and consuming the latest entertainment. The consoomer is typically an adult man who keeps up with nerdy things such as comic books, Star Wars, Superhero movies, and video game franchises.

While critiques of consumerism can be found in literature dating back to the late 1800s, the idea of the consoomer comes from a podcast by the YouTube channel RedLetterMedia titled “The Nerd Crew: Franchise Movie News!!!” In the podcast, uploaded in October of 2018, the hosts ironically portray movie nerds who are blindly devoted to popular film franchises. When one of them questions the idea that Ben Affleck, who played Batman in a previous movie, may be cast as his nemesis Joker for an upcoming film, the host responds by saying “Don’t ask questions, just consume product and then get excited for next products,” outlining the consoomer ideology.

Following the podcast, the phrase began to see heavy usage as copypasta across Twitter, 4chan, and Reddit, along with a still from the original video featuring the quote being used as a reaction to consoomer-like behavior.

Nearly a year after the podcast, the term consoomer was born on 4chan, when a user turned typical consumer traits into an -oomer archetype, similar to the coomer, boomer, and zoomer. That same month, the subreddit r/ConsumeProduct was also created, featuring memes making fun of consoomers and consumer culture.


Buy small version of product that was released in 1991 from ConsumeProduct

Many consoomers consider themselves allies of mainstream leftist movements, which they express by buying products designed for virtue signaling:

Yay finally people will know I support LGBTQ+ when I use my Nintendo Switch ™️ in public. from ConsumeProduct

When boycotting Blizzard games like Overwatch to support the protests in Hong Kong becomes too difficult:

I took a stand against product but I want to consume it again! I’m like so crazy from ConsumeProduct

Why have a family when you can just consume product? #KalergiGang from ConsumeProduct

>all of these 25+ adults on Instagram posting stories about Disney plus from ConsumeProduct

Without [BRAND] I am nothing. from ConsumeProduct

Subscribe to new Corporation+ product!!! from ConsumeProduct

Why have children when you can consoom more ??? Having children is so 1950 ! Work on your career, you go girl ! from ConsumeProduct

Found these at my local shopping mall. It’s almost a parody at this point. from ConsumeProduct

Why yes, Partner and I are just like Character and Character from Television Show. from ConsumeProduct

Work longer hours, don’t develop relationships, fill your loft with product. from ConsumeProduct