The Brief: "Bruh moment" is a phrase applied to situations in which someone might comment "bruh" out of exasperation or bewilderment.


The term “bruh moment” is a ubiquitous expression that is typically twinged with irony. It can be used to signify a verbal response to something stupid or surprising such as “bruh,” “dude,” “come on man,” or Homer Simpson’s “d’oh.”  A slang term from the early 2000s, the word “bruh” is a derivation of “bro,” which comes from the word “brother” used to address a male friend.

“Bruh moment” was popularized on Vine in 2014 in a video by Viner Call Him Bzar, which showed former basketball star Tony Farmer reacting to his sentencing for kidnapping in court and collapsing. The audio in the video is a clip of Viner Headgraphix saying “bruh.”

“Bruh moment” is a popular meme caption and internet comment. The meaning of the term may vary with context and it’s often used as a filler term without a specific or relevant definition.

Bruh moment from dankmemes