The Brief: "Did someone say beveragino" is the catchphrase of a TikTok trend about friends getting together for drinks.


The term beveragino, which is a fancy word for “beverage,” comes from a TikTok trend that started in late June 2020 in the United Kingdom. It can also be spelled “bevragino” or “bevaragino.” In these videos, a person who is sitting with an alcoholic drink says “It’s such a lovely day. I wish my friends/the girls/the lads were here for a beveragino…” Then, several friends pop out from unexpected places, each holding a drink and saying “did someone say beveragino?”


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♬ original sound – mooron

These videos are simple in their premise and thus are easy to replicate with friends and family. They can be filmed while social distancing as people are typically spread out and outside. The majority of beveragino videos come from British TikTokers, but the trend has spread to other countries including the United States. At the time of writing, videos associated with the hashtags #Beveragino, #Bevragino, and #Bevaragino have been viewed over 8.9 million times on TikTok.


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♬ original sound – lil_niki


Did someone say… #bevaragino @tahliaibrahim @yasminshulver6

♬ original sound – Izzy Shulver


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