The Brief: Number neighbors memes were inspired by a Twitter trend in which people are texting their number neighbors: people with the same phone number except for the last digit.


What Are Number Neighbors?

Maybe you’ve been seeing number neighbors memes or someone with a similar number to your own just texted you “hey.” Number neighbors, also known as “text door neighbors” are people with almost the same phone number as each other. Typically, it’s people with the exact same number except for the last digit, which is one higher or lower.

Number neighbors are often geographically close to each other as they have the same area code. Some already knew each other and bought their cell phones together, choosing similar numbers.

What Happens When You Text Your Number Neighbors?

A recent revival of an already-existing trend has inspired people to reach out to their number neighbors and then post screenshots of their conversations online.

Part of the appeal of this challenge comes from the breadth of possibilities of how people will respond to being contacted by a stranger. Judging by the screenshots posted online, responses range from extremely positive to extremely negative. Assuming the screenshots are of actual exchanges between number neighbors, conversations led to meme-sharing, marriage proposals, a dog adoption, and threats to call the police.

Number Neighbors Memes

Some people are waiting for the other person to text them first.

While others get left on read.

Thanks, I hate number neighbors
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Anyone got any amazing number neighbor moments?
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I’m so glad I have a cool number neighbor
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Number neighbor
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