The Brief: "Wanna see a dead body" may reference a meme, a Kendrick Lamar lyric, or a label for devastating moments.


This phrase is often used to convey a scenario in which someone has been insulted, defeated, and devastated. By hyperbolically referring to someone as a “dead body,” this slang term emphasizes the extent to which someone has metaphorically been destroyed. It’s commonly used online and in reference to sports, especially when someone loses by a large margin.

According to Know Your Meme, the phrase “Hey, kid. You wanna see a dead body?” is used in a snowclone meme that portrays scenarios where someone is trying to lure children into an unsafe or illicit activity.

“You wanna see a dead body?” is Kendrick Lamar’s opening line in his verse featured in the song “Nosetalgia” by Pusha T.