The Brief: The phrase "so true bestie" is an affirmation that can be used earnestly, or sarcastically to mean the opposite.


When used genuinely, the phrase “so true bestie” is a way to agree with someone. When used sarcastically, however, it’s meant as a form of mockery.

Broadly, “so true bestie” is a blanket phrase that people apply to a variety of situations with different tones. It’s particularly popular online in LGBTQ+ and stan communities.

According to the top Urban Dictionary entry for the term, it’s “used to mockingly agree with someone who has absolutely no idea what they’re talking about / just said something so dumb it’s not even worth arguing with them.”

The proliferation of this phrase coincides with a rise in popularity in the term “bestie,” which was fueled by the popular TikTok videos of creator @tiktoshh. A meme that features a Wojak cartoon character saying “so true,” to represent dogmatism first appeared in 2020, but it’s unclear if there’s a connection between this meme and “so true bestie.”


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