The Brief: #ShareCopyLink is a hashtag and phrase used to represent a rumored growth strategy to trick the TikTok algorithm into promoting a video on the "For You Page."


TikTokers are using the hashtag #ShareCopyLink under their videos in hopes of gaining more traction and landing on the For You Page. The hashtag is similar to #XYZBCA. At the time of publication, #ShareCopyLink has accrued over 182 million views.

“Share Copy Link” is also a call-to-action many creators are saying in their videos, as well as including in their video description. It is rumored that when a viewer clicks on “Share” and then “Copy Link” the algorithm believes the video is being sent to others, regardless of whether it has actually been inboxed. Subsequently, it ranks the video higher, leading it to appearing on the #FYP more frequently. There is much debate about whether this hack actually leads to more exposure, but the theory behind it is backed by many social media marketing theories. The more engagement (followers, comments, and “shares”) a video receives, it is perceived to be something of high interest and will be promoted on the app.


What if it WORKED?! 🀯 @cassieshrp #sharecopylink

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