The Brief: "Secure the bag" is a slang term meaning "get the money" or "accomplish your goal."


“Secure the bag” or “bag secured” refers to someone getting what they want, making money, and/or achieving a goal. It’s more or less a synonym for get this bread. To “fumble the bag” is to fail to secure the bag.

The phrase is popular in hip songs including ones titled “Secure The Bag.”

“Secure the bag, lifestyle real expensive (secure the bag)” –Migos, “BBO (Bad B**ches Only)”

“I secure the bag first, I’m ready to boast
I secure the bag first, I’m full of that dope” –Future, “Zoom”

Leading up to the 2020 election, this phrase was adopted by supporters of candidate Andrew Yang (#YangGang) to refer to Yang’s proposed plan for universal basic income.